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Teenage Orthodontics

While we treat patients of all ages, teenagers are the most common here at Patino Orthodontics.

This is because orthodontic treatment is ideal for teens. It is a time of quick growth and change, which means it’s easier to shape a teen smile and bite.

If your child is in need of braces, you’re probably both wondering what the best option is. Teens can get nervous about the way they look and what others will think of them.

The good news is that the options are far better than they used to be, and they are more affordable than you may think!

Braces can solve a number of oral health issues, including:

  • Overly crowded and crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbite (where the upper teeth bite over the lower teeth)
  • Open bite (where some teeth cannot properly touch each other)
  • Underbite (where the lower teeth stick out ahead of the upper teeth)
  • Crossbite (where both the lower and upper teeth are misaligned)

Fixing these issues carries several benefits.

First, it improves the way your teen’s smile will look. Many studies have shown that people with healthier smiles have more confidence and often enjoy more success in work and in their communities.

But it’s not just about the way your teen’s teeth look. Having a good smile also has several health benefits, such as:

  • Teeth are easier to clean and therefore less likely to get cavities or decay
  • Bad bites can create unnecessary pressure on certain teeth – this can lead to chipped teeth or sore jaw muscles
  • Straighter teeth contribute to more clear speech
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We often recommend braces in a patient’s teenage years because it is a time of change.

This means the treatment can happen more quickly than in their adult years, and they’ll also be surrounded by other teens who have braces.

Patino Orthdontics offers metal/traditional braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign. Contact us to schedule your FREE consultation at our office.

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